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How beginner is "Beginner" and how advanced is "Advanced"?

Hi! What are the target levels for beginner and advanced? Beginner can mean a lot of different things so some clarification would be nice. It's possible that beginner means "never touched a programming language before" or maybe it means "beginner to that specific framework". The same thing is true for advanced: Perhaps advanced means "Have used the framework before extensively" or "Haven't used the framework but is a senior dev". Is there anywhere I can go for some clarification? Thanks!


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    Hello? Is this question being ignored?

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    Hey Anthony,
    Not being ignored, I just needed to collect the right answer from the team.

    When thinking about a tutorial being Beginner or Advanced, you should think about the audience's experience with the specific technology you are writing a tutorial on. For example, a Beginner Spark AR Tutorial would be for developers that are new to Spark AR and just starting to figure it out.

    Hope this helps!

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    Perfect, thank you!

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