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Multiple submissions


I use a lot of Facebook Developer SDK's and libraries so can I submit multiple entries with different tutorials at both beginner and advance level? It would also be helpful to see past winning entries or really good examples that you (judges) are impressed by.

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  • Manager   •   almost 3 years ago

    Yes, you can submit multiple submissions in different categories (Beginner or Advanced) about different technologies as long as they are one of the listed technologies. Just remember that you are limited to two (2) prizes, one (1) of which needs to be English and the other one (1) needs to be a local language.

    This is the first time we are doing a tutorial-based challenge so we don't have any past winning tutorials. However, we do have this example tutorial: https://github.com/wit-ai/android-voice-demo.

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    Thanks, a follow up question: Can I have a multiple part tutorial that uses different Facebook technologies? One would be too long so I want to break it up into parts. Can all of that (multi-part tutorial) be considered as one entry as it will be in a single GitHub repo but as different apps.

  • Manager   •   almost 3 years ago

    It sounds like a great project! Each submission should have its own GitHub link as they will be judged separately and are subject to the 4000-word limit. If you feel like it should be broken up, make sure the individual tutorials cover unique topics or features and they have their own repo link.

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