•   8 months ago

Docusaurus version 1 or 2?

For which version should we write tutorial for?


  • Manager   •   8 months ago

    Hey Yash, try to make sure it works with the latest version of the product being used. For example, if you are basing your tutorial off of an existing solution you've built with Docusaurus, be sure it works with the latest version of Docusaurus so that it is up to date for people trying to learn.

  •   •   8 months ago

    On the Docusaurus website they suggest people to try v2 but recommend v1 for production. (v2 is in Alpha and lacks some features)

    I am not sure if I should write my tutorial that is future proof or based on what is current recommend way to use Docusaurus.

    If there was more clarification of the version in the rules it will be helpful.

  • Manager   •   8 months ago

    Hey Yash,

    Good point, I'm going to ask the team for direction. I'll reply back here when I get an answer for you.


  • Manager   •   7 months ago

    Hi Yash,
    Thank you so much for your patience. I've heard back from the team and either version should be fine.

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