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Should our Articles Highlight Specific Features of Facebook Tech or Can They be Articles that Just Use these Technologies to Build Something Cool?

I'm wondering whether the articles should be focused on specific features from these technologies (like pytorch dataloaders, react hooks, etc) or can we write a tutorial that just shows how to build a cool project using some of these technologies (ex. build an application that uses React and Pytorch for reinforcement learning)?

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  • Manager   •   about 3 years ago

    Hi Andrew,
    That is up to you! The main requirement is that your tutorial demonstrates the use of one or more features of any of the technologies listed on the overview site. It sounds like the difference in the articles you are suggesting might be Beginner vs. Advanced. The specific feature might be helpful to someone that already has knowledge about the technology (Advanced) while the 'How to build a cool project' sounds like a great read for a Beginner.

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