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Final Clarity regarding which sections to cover when making tutorial on PyTorchML project

so if for my ML project, I've done data scraping from Google to collect data, then make the model with PyTorch, then deploy it on the web; then should I just cover the PyTorch part in the tutorial and skip the parts which don't talk about any of softwares which the challenge doesn't cover to make it short?

And in the pytorch section of my tutorial my main confusion is that do we have to explain explicity how to install pytorch, make a python environment etc or can I discuss those dependencies aspects in short and put more emphasis on the PyTorch part.
One more confusion, say I am using a ResNet in my ML project, so i guess I don't need to explain concept of ResNet in detail right? Like if I am assuming that someone understands basic ML concepts OR i am skipping over them to focus on the PyTorch aspect of the tutorial, then does that fall into beginner or advanced?

also, if I am scraping a small amount of images from Google, then is that alright for this challenge(like no rule violation)?
lastly, I hope there is no restriction regarding the platform on which the tutorial project can run. Like if I make my PyTorch project for Google Colab specifically (and provide instructions for doing so) as its easy to get started than installing on local system.



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    Great questions. You can cover more than just PyTorch in your tutorial but it should be the main focus. When deciding what other instructions or description to include, think about if you are writing for the Beginner or Advanced audience and what instructions they might need. To be safe, it is better to include at least a short description or basic instructions when introducing a tool as it might be the first time the reader is using it.

    In terms of rules around using images or data, as this project is open source, just be sure you are allowed to use it and it is publicly available for others to use/consume.

    There are no restrictions around the platform for the project.

    Hope this helps and best of luck!

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