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Judges' feedback on submission?

We put a ton of effort into our project, but we didn't get any feedback whatsoever. Can we get the feedback the judges left for us? Our YouTube video is starting to gain a lot of organic traction, and we are planning to submit our tutorial to a few blogs. So, we want to know how we could have improved!

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  • Manager   •   about 3 years ago

    Hi Alex,
    Thanks for participating and putting in a lot of work on your tutorial! Due to the number of submissions, we won’t be able to provide feedback individually. These are the places based on the judging criteria that everyone can focus on:
    - Quality of the Tutorial - Add value and differentiate your tutorial from existing content and be sure that your steps are complete and accurate.
    - Implementation of Facebook products - Be sure to highlight how many Facebook product(s) and features(s) are used and be sure to showcase how they implemented in the sample software solution and in the tutorial.
    - Clarity - Be sure your assumptions and steps are clear to make the tutorial easy to follow with examples, visuals, and references.
    - Relevance - Help the audience grow and build more projects through relevant next steps or showing what else they can do with their new skills.
    - Check out some other regional winners for inspiration for further improvements.

    I would encourage you to post your tutorial in community groups that focus on the product you used. This might be a great way to get feedback from your potential audience who is trying to learn from your tutorial.

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