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over 2 years ago

Local languages, Prize Categories and Regions

The Developer Circles Community Challenge is an amazing opportunity to connect virtually! We are happy you have joined us and we wanted to make sure the prize layout and categories are clear so you know what to create.


Write a step-by-step tutorial on software you built using one of the following technologies: Hack, React, React Native, PyTorch, Docusaurus, Spark AR,, or Messenger Platform.
Your tutorial should be:

  • Publicly available on GitHub
  • Under 4000 words
  • Open Source with an MIT Licence
  • Based on your newly built solution or a solution that you’ve built in the past (Sampled Software)

Example Submission
For example, your tutorial could walk a developer who is new to React (Beginner) step by step through how you built a blog using React. To submit your tutorial, make sure it’s under 4,000 words and post it on GitHub like so: [example GitHub post URL]


You can enter your tutorial into ONE of the following 2 categories:
Beginner -  Your tutorial is for the beginner developer audience of the technology you chose.
Advanced - Your tutorial is for the advanced developer audience of the technology you chose.

Local Languages

You can write your tutorial in English or one of the following languages: Arabic, French, Indonesian, Portuguese and Spanish.
What about Prizes and Regions?
Judging will consist of two phases:
Phase 1

  • All eligible English tutorials will be judged, and 42 regional winners will advance to Phase 2.
  • All eligible Local Language tutorials will be judged, and winners announced.

Phase 2

  • During Phase 2, the 42 regional winners will have a chance to improve their submission and re-submit for the Global prizes by 11:59:59 PM ET on November 30, 2020. These tutorials will then be judged again, and Category winners will be announced.


If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.