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over 2 years ago

Top mistakes to avoid

We have been reviewing submissions and wanted to share common mistakes we are seeing so everyone can get this feedback in advance. Please review the below and make sure your submissions are eligible.

  • Your tutorial needs to be based on a project that you have built (new or pre-existing) and not of something other people built. The tutorial should be a step-by-step guide showing others how they can build a project like yours with the specific Facebook technology. This project is the Sampled Software which should be on GitHub.

  • You need an Open Source MIT License on both your Tutorial and Sampled Software. The license should be within the same code repository.

  • Make sure the 2 min walkthrough video is a summary of the tutorial and not of the product/project.

  • Your tutorial should be in your Github readme file or use Github Pages.

  • Run your tutorial through a spellchecker and use a tool like Hemingway to help make your tutorial more readable.

  • Make sure that you put yourself in the position of the learner and run through the tutorial to ensure you are covering all the basics. For example, if you are asking people to use a certain program/tool, be sure to add instructions or a hyperlink to that.

We hope these pointers help you when editting or submitting your project. Submissions are due October 26 before 5pm ET. (Find out what time that is in your city.)

Good luck!